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Automate. Monitor and log your SAP Processes
EQW Universal Process Tool.



Automation of standardized processes with very large amounts of data.

Creation of master data: Material, classification, cost centers, PSP elements, HR strains, EKWs etc.


Creation of parts lists


Creation of files via SAP Case Management.


Creation of documents via SAP Document Builder.

Technical specification

The EQW Universal Process Tool is a certified SAP Addon for Netwear which supports S4/HANA, SAP GUI und SAP Fiori.

The EQW Universal Process Tool provides a framework for the transaction-safe processing of technical as well as technical processes in SAP systems.

The processes can extend beyond application or system boundaries.


The runtime data to be processed is buffered by the Universal Process Tool as long as it is necessary for completely error-free processing.


As a result, the Universal Process Tool decouples the input channel from the "consumer" of the data both logically and in time.

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