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The ExeQwork DesktopConnector is a tool that breaks the media break between the SAP application and Windows applications. With the DesktopConnector, files from the local system can be integrated into running SAP processes. In the familiar Windows environment, drag-and-drop documents from MS Office and emails, including attachments, can be routed to an SAP process:

  • The workspace contains the files available on the local system in a directory structure (similar to Windows Explorer or other file managers) and the Microsoft Outlook Inbox folder.

  • The business processes available in the SAP system are symbolized on the user interface by gears (technical processes).

  • Dropping onto a cog wheel opens a SAPGUI PopUp, which queries the classification data for the document in order to take the appropriate assignment in the SAP system.

  • Behind every process in SAP is a Universal Process Tool process that processes asynchronously the file data and the classification data.


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