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Integration and Optimization of Business Processes in SAP

+49 (0)6221 6735262

69115 Heidelberg


SAP Add-Ons and Consulting

The ExeQwork GmbH is an independent software and consulting company. We develop add-ons for SAP software and help SAP customers with technology questions and business processes. Our thematic priority focuses on the automation of processes in SAP applications and their integration on the software level.



Consulting solutions at the product level

The strict standards that we apply in our product development also apply to our consulting solutions. The initial additional effort usually pays off for the customer shortly after, due to the significantly improved maintainability of our solutions.

Our range of services

  • Process optimization with Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics

  • Process and technology consulting for the central SAP applications

  • Add-ons to SAP document management

  • Document creation, document conversion, form generation

  • SAP Folders (Records) Management Consulting, SAP Folders Management Development (Service Provider Development)

  • Conception, implementation and support of individual software solutions for SAP customers

  • Integration of non-SAP components into SAP business processes

  • UI Development with SAP UI5, Development of SAP Controls

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